Here’s the last bit of the concept art, and in my opinion the coolest. I should probably have some concept work up soon from my other project sometime relatively soon. hopefully I’ll have some time to do some fun stuff on my own as well. I’ve got a short animation in the works as well. 

Here’s a bit more of my character design stuff from the game. It was a lot more robotic for a short moment. I guess an interesting thing to know is that these had to go from thumbnail to paint in a matter of hours. most in less than 4. It was a fun rush.

Each character had a different purpose. The top character has a rotating head that is also seeking out characters with radar. the bottom left dude is sort of a weak character that just kind of scrapes around near the radar guy and only run out when the radar finds you. The guy on the bottom right is supposed to be this big dude that has jets fly around him and he destroys everything.