Edith and the Bear is now online! This is the student film I directed a year ago with the most amazing film crew ever. Over 50 people worked on this; among them my Incredible animation leads Emily Chen and Brandon W Moore. Fantabulous background Design by Cory Fuller Beautiful color designed by Jeanie C. Wonderful character Design by Danny Men Becky Roberts and Lucie Roberts. Awesomely produced by Lauren Brown Special thanks to the faculty of SJSU I’ll spare tagging too many people! this post will get waaaay too long. Check out the credits, so many amazing people worked on this film.

I got to be a part of this wonderful little short film and it’s now available to be viewed anywhere in the world that has internet. Lots of fun working with such fantastic people! I did a few of the backgrounds and I helped a bit with a little processing work. Hope everyone loves it and remembers their own big bear.